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NOTE: Since next Monday is Christmas Eve and next Tuesday is Christmas Day, there will be no TWIP next week!  We’ll be back on 12/31!!  

— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

George Gomez Facebook Live
George Gomez was asked questions by people on Facebook last week!  Here are a few interesting excerpts:
Q: When is your birthday and does anything special happen in Deadpool on that day?
Gomez: My birthday is June 1, and you never know because Deadpool is – that kind of game. Make sure you set your clocks!
[Editor’s note: Hey, George Gomez and I share the same birthday!!]
Q: How does a license become a game? Is it because the designer wishes to make a game using said license, or that the right holders hold some sort of bid or offer to make a game with said license?
Gomez: Licensing is a complex animal. It is a very difficult thing – what I mean is – a couple things happen. All of the key elements of the company – marketing, sales, product development – all have a say in what the license is…we have to make successful games. We try to pick what we think are licenses that address all of you guys in terms of what you’re interested in. We try to pick broad themes that cover all the basis. Every once in a while we do niche stuff – for example, maybe not everyone is a fan of a particular rock band or a movie…we try to create a variety in the licenses that we pick, and we try to create themes that are very popular with the audience. it is very important to me