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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Pinball Deals

It is Thanksgiving week – family, friends, food, football!  And Thanksgiving also brings some of the best pinball deals and sales of the year – we’ll have an article launching first thing on Thursday that lists all the pinball sales we know of happening this weekend!

Monster Bash Remake – More Details
Chicago Gaming Company weighed in on Pinside this week to give some more details on Monster Back Remake:
On Insert Lighting:
Should anyone prefer white GIs to the RGB GIs, there is a software setting in both MBr LE and SE that allows the owner to set the GIs to be a constant white.
It is surprisingly difficult to consistently make a specific white with RGB LEDs. We spent considerable time designing circuitry that provides us 256 levels of adjustment for each color. This allows us to theoretically make more than 16 million unique colors.
Additionally, we sourced RGB LEDs with very tight color wavelength specs for each of the three colors.
If you disable the RGB lighting on the SE or LE, the game will default to a warm white very close in color to the GIs used in AFMr and MBr.  Should you prefer cool white GIs, a simple software setting allows you to change the GIs to cool white.
The circuitry we developed allows us to create any pantone color that can be produced on an LCD display.  It also allows us to do very smooth fades and color transition.  We tie many of the RGB GI light effects into the colors used on the XL Display.  A lot of work went into choreographing the RGB