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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

New Code – Dialed In, Hobbit, and Batman ’66
Dialed In!

Last week, Ted Estes, a Senior Software Developer for Jersey Jack Pinball, shared in the JJP Google Group that Dialed In! code v1.56 is available for testing.  The new code includes a Quantum Theater Multiball – check out all the details of this update here!  It should be available soon!
Photo courtesy Pinball Photos (pinballphotos.com)
Ted Estes also shared in the JJP Google Group that Hobbit code v2.99 is available to test.  They are ironing out any issues that come up before making the v3.00 public release available.  He also shared that with the v3.00 release, the code for Hobbit will be considered finished.  For a full on going rule sheet for Hobbit, check out the Tilt Forums thread here!  And check this beautiful rules flowchart!

Batman ’66
Batman ’66 released code v0.99 last week – check out the update details from Stern Pinball’s Facebook page!


Everything you want to know about the Spike System

Dennis Kriesel wrote up an awesome and informative article diving into the Spike System – check it out!!

Congrats to Dead Flip (2 MILLION VIEWS!) and Buffalo Pinball (150 BRO EPISODES!)
Congrats to our friends at Buffalo Pinball (Twitch, Twitter, YouTube) and Jack Danger at Dead Flip (Twitch, Facebook, Twitter) – both reached awesome milestones this week!
Jack Danger of Dead Flip now has over 2 MILLION views on Twitch!

Buffalo Pinball recorded their 150th Bro, Do You Even Pinball? episode!  Check it out here:

On behalf of the entire pinball community, thank to all of you for all that you do for pinball, keep it up!!!

Horrorhouse Fest Pinball Tournament of Death

If you’re going to be in Colorado on