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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Munsters Artwork Leaks on Pinside
The Munsters cabinet artwork leaked on Pinside in this post.  It was leaked on Pinside several times previously but removed, but it appears they have decided to leave up these pictures at this point.  Click here to view the pics that were shared on Pinside.
There is quite a story behind these leaks, which we may find out in due time.

The Mafia from Team Pinball – Unboxing and Debut at UK Pinfest

The Mafia pinball machine from Team Pinball made it’s public debut at UK Pinfest this weekend!  It was also streamed on Pinball Live’s Twitch Channel – you can view a video of the stream here.  The light show and the sounds and sound effects were very cool to see and hear!
Per the Team Pinball website, here is a description of the game:
“Join a gang on the East Coast of the United States in year of 1920-1930, during prohibition, when mafias and bootleggers used to reign. The player is immersed in the world of the mafia in what the player must progress through the rules of the game to conquer the city. This machine has a classic, fun and unique game design built with modern technology, you will re-discover pinball! Playing with this game will give a great opportunity to join the world of Mafia to rule the city, have fun and experience something new.”
TWIP previously reached out to Team Pinball to find out more about the rule structure of this game.  They shared the following:
“The game is based on hurry up modes which you need to collect. Your goal of the game to conquer most cites