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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Pirates of the Caribbean Updates
We’re seeing more and more Pirates of the Caribbean’s out and about and pinheads are getting deeper and deeper into the game.  Last week, we got a look at one of the mini wizard modes – Battle the Kraken!!  Check out the video below from Buffalo Pinball:

In case you forgot how the rules work in Pirates of the Caribbean, check out this BEAUTIFUL flowchart!

Dialed In! Manuals Now Available

Jersey Jack Pinball is known to have the most beautiful manuals in the business, and they announced last week that Dialed In! manuals are now available!  If you own a Limited Edition or Collectors Edition Dialed In!, you can get one for free.  Check out this Pinside post for more information!

Zach Sharpe vs. Keith Elwin
Deadpool Premium
Live Charity Battle This Wednesday at 3pm CST/4pm EST on Dead Flip’s Twitch Channel
Nudge Like a Butterfly
Flip Like a Bee
Copy and Paste Article
Makes this Easy
Who ya got??

Deadpool’s Rulesheet, Code Update, Trolling
Stern released a small code update for Deadpool last week to version 0.85 – for details click here.
If you haven’t checked out the Deadpool Rulesheet on Tilt Forums, you should – it is getting filled in nicely.  Check it out here!!
Anyone else noticed the plastic on Deadpool that has his “To Do list”?  I took this pic at a local arcade:

The only company saying pinball is “easy” is deeproot Pinball, so this appears to be a bit of deeproot trolling from Stern.  By the way, deeproot Pinball has gone silent…what are they up to?

The Athens Pinball Museum

The first pinball museum in Greece has opened!  It is called the Athens