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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Expo Preview

The countdown for Pinball Expo is down to single digits!!  It will take place October 17th-20th in Wheeling, Illinois.  Some of the highlights of the show include:

A 24 hour Game Hall

Check out the game list here!

Vendor Hall
Pinball Expo’s Pinball Flip-Out!

Check out all the details here!
A Stern Circuit Event!
“Featuring a Main tournament with A and B divisions, as well as Classics (Herb style-qualifying). Everyone registered for the Main Tournament plays in the finals! This year we will be using the queuing and SMS system from Neverdrains.com. And, as always, the winner gets to take home A STERN PINBALL MACHINE used in the tournament!”

Autograph sessions
Pinball Life Expo Open House

Check out the details here!


Check out the details here!


There are many interesting seminars lined up – a few notables include:
Thursday, October 18th, 8:30PM:

“Whats New at American Pinball”
Speakers: Joe Balcer, Jim Thorton, Josh Kugler, Jeff Busch, Ish Reneses & Barry Engler
Note: American Pinball’s newest creation Oktoberfest is expected to be revealed at Expo!

Friday, October 19th, 5:30PM:

“Future Worlds with Deeproot Pinball”
Speakers: Barry Oursler, Dennis Nordman, John Popadiuk Jr., Jon Norris & Quinn Johnson | Moderator: Robert Mueller

Friday, October 19th, 8:30PM:
“An Evening with Jersey Jack Pinball”
Speakers: Jack Guarnieri & Staff

Saturday, October 20th, 3:00PM:

“Total Nuclear Annihilation”
Speaker: Scott Danesi

Saturday, October 20th, 4:00-8:00PM:
Various Speakers from Stern Pinball
Speakers: Keith Elwin, Steve Ritchie, George Gomez

This Week in Pinball will be joining Zach and Greg from Straight Down the Middle: a pinball show for a fun seminar Friday at 1:00 PM, see you there!!
Check out the full schedule here!

Queen Pinball Art
Prior to the fall of Heighway Pinball, there were many reports that Queen was to be Heighway’s next title after Alien, and