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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Scooby Doo License
On the This Week in Pinball Podcast last week, Zach dropped the info that the Scooby Doo License has been acquired!  TWIP heard from a reliable source that The Pinball Company – the company behind The Jetsons pinball machine – is the company that has acquired the license.  No word yet on if this theme will actually be made at this point.

Great Lakes Pinball First Title Announced

The Great Lakes Pinball Company, a new pinball company, has announced the title to their first pinball creation – EXPOSÈ.  Stay tuned to This Week in Pinball and Straight Down the Middle for future developments from Great Lakes Pinball Company!  And follow along on their Facebook page here!

Head 2 Head Interview with Jean-Paul de Win
Our friends at Head 2 Head Pinball interviewed Jean-Paul de Win on last week’s podcast!  Here are a few highlights:
On Dialed In and the leak (NOTE: for those unaware, years ago there was a leak on Pinside that shared that Dialed In had a robotic arm):
H2H: So with the whitewood you saw when you first saw the game, was that roughly what they game was or was there actually a robotic arm that moved around of the playfield?
JPW: I guess that is where Betty is in that position and I think the idea was that – [it was] not going to destroy buildings on the playfield, or anything on the playfield, but whack the ball off the ramp or divert the ball like it’s doing now.
(That tidbit was notable to TWIP because we never realized that was the robotic arm that was shared in the leak.)
On what