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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

Pinball Inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!

Pinball was inducted into the Toy Hall of Fame!  Pinball was joined by the Magic 8 Ball and Uno in the induction ceremony which happened last week.  This is getting some significant national coverage:
New York Times: Magic 8 Ball, Uno, Pinball Inducted Into Toy Hall of Fame
USA Today: ‘Outlook good’: Magic 8 Ball, Uno and pinball inducted into Toy Hall of Fame
Also, check out the write up at toyhalloffame.org!  Yeah Pinball!!

Todd Tuckey Book Deal Drama
Back in June, it was announced that Todd Tuckey had signed a book deal to help write 10 books with Pinball Adventures.  Pinball Adventures (the publisher) and Todd have since had a falling out, and are in the process of discontinuing their relationship.  Last week Todd mentioned on Pinside he would not be involved in books 2-10.  Pinball Adventures and Tuckey then posted their sides on Pinside – you can follow along with the drama here (if you’re into that sort of thing).

Zombie Yeti Teaser
Zombie Yeti shared the following on his Facebook page last week:

Space Force Pinball??  Does that mean, could it be that…no no no.  It sounds like this is not related to a future pinball machine  Looks very cool though!

Dutch Pinball Open
The Dutch Pinball Open took place last weekend, and guess who was there – Jack Danger of Dead Flip!  He has given tons of great updates while there – check out his Facebook here and Twitter here to check out all the pinball goodness and unique machines he’s seen!

Mark Tremonti Joins Pinball Profile

Jeff Teolis had a special guest last week on Pinball Profile – Mark Tremonti!  Mark