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— What Else is Happening in Pinball —

When Will We See Munsters?
Butch Patrick, who played Eddie Munster, joined a podcast last week called The Swearwolves (a horror podcast).  You can check out the full episode here.  During the podcast, there was the following exchange:
Swearwolves: The Stern Pinball company, it appears they are working on a Munsters pinball machine?
Butch Patrick: They have not only worked on it, they have completed it.
Swearwolves: Can you tell us anything about the pinball machine?
Butch Patrick: All I know is I am going to go to the [Texas Pinball Festival] in March in Texas for their unveiling of it, and bringing my cars along and they’re bringing down Pat Priest (Marylin Munster) to join in the festivities, and then…
Swearwolves: They’re going to unveil the game?
Butch Patrick: Unveil the game…you know what’s funny, it is amazing it took them this long to figure out The Munsters would be a successful pinball machine, because Addams Family is the most popular pinball machine of all time, and it is such a no-brainer…
So does this mean we won’t see Munsters until March?  Maybe, and maybe not.  Many have been discussing (and emailing TWIP), wondering when we’ll see Munsters, so we’ll share what we we’ve been hearing and throw in a lot of speculation…Most are saying that we’ll see this game in either December of January.  Stern shared previously they would build 1,000 Beatles machines.  From what we can make out, when the Beatles machines are built, they would then move on to build the Primus pinball machines, which would likely take them a week or two.  To keep the line moving – unless they go back