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— This Week’s Top 5 Stories —
1. Where is Monster Bash Remake?
Photo courtesy High End Pins
The pinball community has been waiting to see Monster Bash Remake and Chicago Gaming Company has gone quiet.  Initially, this machine was to be revealed at the Texas Pinball Festival in March.  From then, we’ve had a “prediction” almost every week that THIS would be the week.  Now it is October and we still haven’t seen anything.  So what is going on?
Full Disclosure: After Doug Skor left Chicago Gaming Company, we here at TWIP had been working with Ashley Davis since June, planning to do a Monster Bash Remake release article on This Week in Pinball when MBr was ready.  As you may know, Ashley has since left Chicago Gaming Company.  We’ve been attempting to find out more information and continue work on the article through another contact at CGC.  We hope to have more information for you next week.
We can only guess as to the reasons for the delays.  Possibly some type of approval hold up, possibly some type of parts hold up and wanting to wait to announce until games are ready to go into production, at this point maybe waiting until Expo to do a reveal?
From the delay in announcing, to asking pinheads to sign an NDA, come play the game, and give feedback, this has been a bit of a bizarre roll out for a pinball machine.  Hopefully we’ll learn more about the timeline soon.  Stay tuned!

2. Jersey Jack Updates and Rumors

Both Head 2 Head Pinball Podcast and Kaneda’s Pinball Podcast have been reporting that there is a new Wizard of Oz edition coming, called the Yellow