As massive Atari fans we’re delighted to see that two brand new officially licensed collectable Atari® mini-arcades have just been announced!

The range comes from Blaze – the team behind the Atari Handheld and TV Joystick products released last year. We’ve got a particular eye on the stunning Pong® inspired cabinet, which supports 2 player gameplay thanks to the paddle system just like that on the original arcade cabinets.
Alongside Pong® come four other classic Atari games: Breakout®, Circus Atari®, Off The Wall and Super Breakout®

Meanwhile the Atari Mini Arcade gives you the option to choose from arcade style joystick and d-pad controls, with a removeable joystick letting you easily switch between the two. It also packs in five classic Atari games: Centipede®, Adventure, Sprint Master, Warlords®, and Yars’ Revenge®
5 Officially Licensed Atari Games
2.8″ colour screen
Sound via speaker or 3.5mm headphone jack
Powered by 4 x AA Batteries or via micro-USB
Stunning collectible gift box
Where to Buy & Availability
Both products are available to pre-order now from Amazon ahead of their release in September 2019;
The Atari Pong Mini Arcade – Click HERE
The Atari Mini Arcade – Click HERE
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