The best way to apply your new decals is by using the dry method (no water involved). Make sure your cabinet is prepared nicely first, which would involve removal of the old decals, and ensuring any dents have been filled and the surface is sanded smooth. You can then lay down your decals with the backing paper still on. Ensure your alignment is good and then remove about 1-2 inches of backing paper from 1 side of the decal you are applying. Stick this down firmly and then working from the under side, slowly remove the rest of the backing paper, smoothing out as you go. Take it slow and get a friend to help. Once the decal is in place you will need to warm them by going over with a hot air gun or hair dryer. This will remove imperfections and set the adhesive permanently. Use of a soft cloth, like a microbe towel, is recommended to wipe over the surface as you heat the decals.