Growing up in the ’80s, monster trucks were enjoying their heyday. Even though I never had the pleasure of witnessing a monster truck car crushing event, I knew about the Bigfoot truck. It was just one of those things that you somehow learned about, probably through toy commercials on TV and hype generated through your friends.
Now that iconic monster truck is headed to arcades in the form of Bigfoot Crush by UNIS. This is a kid-focused game that:
…lets kids drive their own monster truck, crush cars and perform incredible stunts!
Race the monster trucks along the course and drive over cars through different terrains. Players can gain points by collecting coins and bonus objects while avoiding obstacles along the way. Simple game controls include a steering wheel and a gas pedal to control speed. With numerous cool looking monster trucks to choose from, fans can select the one they love!
While I imagine that this will work with tickets, redemption isn’t mentioned in the press release. I know that some will scoff at kiddie games, but it’s a pretty solid market where the games tend to earn really well when placed into the right venue.
Here’s the cabinet; The design follows a similar idea behind UNIS’ kiddie games like Duo Drive, where they have their own version of the “Twin Cabinet,” just made for the kiddos. Apart from the LED lighting and exhaust pipe details, this one also has buttons on the steering wheel, which might be how you activate stunts – or a boost.

Here’s the full press release; What do you think about it?
(As a quick sidenote, I will have more info on the return of Elevator Action: Death Parade, now christened as Elevator Invasion, here soon. That’s another game UNIS is working on, but with Taito in that case.)
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