While UNIS may be known for its redemption & videmption content, they do often release straight video games. In the run-up to the UNIS Showcase 2020 virtual event that is taking place this coming Wednesday, UNIS is peeling the curtain back on one of their upcoming video arcade titles, and we’ve got your first look at this new game. The company will have a lot of new products as a part of this showcase, so this will hopefully help in highlighting one of the many titles.
Called Elevator Invasion, this is an arcade exclusive light-gun title where you play as two agents on a mission to take out an army of deadly robots in an installation, and you use elevators to navigate the levels between easy and hard. Here is the official shot of the game cabinet, which we had previously only seen teased in the background of thumbnail images;  As you can see, the game uses pistols, something which has become uncommon in modern gun arcade games. There are some action buttons on the control panel that you can see (use them to manipulate the elevator [up/down/open or close the doors]). This also features real, physical doors that open& close in front of the screen to simulate the action beyond virtual elevator doors, and LEDs to show which direction you’re headed, much like a real elevator:
“But wait Mr. Arcadehero, isn’t this just Elevator Action Death Parade from Taito, but with a new look?” Well, sort of. The game itself is a brand new game created by UNIS, where the cabinet and various in-game elements being heavily influenced by EADP. It is not a reboot, sequel, or remake, but an arrangement between UNIS and Taito. EADP found popularity in certain areas, but most Western players will never have seen or played