One of the big surprises, and more popular games, at IAAPA 2019 was Taito’s OnPoint (at the time called “Gun Arena”). Located at the UNIS booth to represent the new partnership between the two companies, this turned heads due to the unique idea of combining a real airsoft pistol with a video game. This in turn did raise some concerns over the quality of the safety system, which UNIS addressed in a recent video that they posted to YouTube.
After a few months and some changes, the game is now available to purchase through UNIS-authorized distributors. As a part of this launch, the company sent out a nice presentation today with plenty of details, a link to a new promo video, and a new cabinet image.
Here’s the promo video, which shows the reception of the game at CES 2020, where it also found a lot of attention:

For the new cabinet, it hasn’t changed much, but did add something that Steve at UNIS told me would be a part of the final deal – a partial safety enclosure on the sides. This image here is near final – only issue with it is that it still says “GunArena” instead of OnPoint. I’ll update the image once I have the corrected one in hand.
For the facts sheet I received, it lays out that this game is a collaborative effort between four companies: Taito, Natsume Atari, UNIS and YoungBae. The latter is a Korean company, where there has often been a trend of medium-scale airsoft rifle attractions; this solution just found a way to combine it into something more compact for arcades to enjoy. I think that it would be safe to call this a Mixed Reality game, since it mixes physical play with virtual targets.
It also mentions that there are 8 total stages