All of the arcade news this week is revolving around tradeshow events, as it ’tis the season for such things – in a normal year. Most everyone has gone virtual to adapt with the needs of the times, and this news is no exception.
Universal Space, better known as UNIS, has issued a press release detailing a virtual event that they will hold on October 21st, 2020 (9AM – 4PM EST). Called: UNIS Showcase 2020: Innovating Into The Future, the event promises “New game previews, game demonstrations, showroom tours, panel discussions and much more,” making it just like an event they held in China a couple of months ago. To participate, they do have a limited number of slots available; sign up for it here (the event is free).
From that link above, you can also find a time line and additional details. Site friend Kevin Williams is slated to speak, as will various members of the UNIS team. As a note, Arcade Heroes is one of several sponsors to this event, so we will be providing more coverage about it and the products revealed as we get there.
Among some new products teased, UNIS is emphasizing that they are moving in a new direction for product design. A strong focus is being placed onto exergaming, where they will have several titles that reflect that. These are pay-per-play/coin-op games, and there are quite a few that they’ll be showcasing which are not mentioned yet on the timeline.
Among what has been revealed is a pogo stick jumping game called All Star Pogo Jump, which appears to have trampoline-like pads to jump on; The page linked above mentions that as well as one called Hyper Glider. Think the old Hang Pilot, but with some modern upgrades.

Some of the larger concepts will fall into the “Elite