Following Sega’s announcement the other day of their upcoming IAAPA Europe Expo presence, now UNIS has sent out an email detailing most of what they will have at the same show.

We’ve had some blurry photos of their Emoji Roller redemption game for a while now, so that above is the clearest shot yet; The game is not yet listed on UNIS’ website. Same goes for Star Crusaders II, although I’ve never seen the first one in person. As I recall, it was first shown off back in 2020 but it might be one of those things that only saw a limited international (i.e., not in the US but maybe markets like Europe and the Middle East) release. It’s a 4-player videmption game.

The Power Puck Fever is a fancy looking table but it’s impossible to say if it’s trying to do something like Bandai Namco’s Pac-Man Smash air hockey table, or if the scoreboard on the side is just a fancy scoreboard.

They also mention some new cranes and merchandizers will be there but nothing else about potential video games.

While this likely demonstrates what UNIS will take to IAAPA in November, UNIS does tend to have different configurations for every show. Here’s their booth as seen at Amusement Expo 2022 this past March:

Any thoughts or comments on this news?

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