Epic Games may be known as the team behind the kiddie-centric battle royale shooter Fortnite, but history will forever know them as the creators of one of the greatest multiplayer-centric video game series ever made. Unreal Tournament was the second installation in the Unreal series, transitioning from a first-person shooter into a fully-fledged, arena shooter with nothing but exciting, addictive multiplayer-action. It’s safe to say that the first Tournament has aged like a very fine wine.
In the distant future, due to a sharp rise in mining strikes and bloody riots, the government has decided to legalize murder (as you do). The Liandri Mining Corporation decides to cash in on the craze by organizing arena tournaments in abandoned mining facilities, ships, and otherworldly areas, all of which are recorded live for major profits. Multiple factions sign up to the tournament; each character has their own biography, which include details of their past, their personalities, and even their weapon preferences. You’ll need to join a faction, customize your character, and start fragging.
Your AI buddies are smart enough to shout when they need trouble, or if they’re playing defense or not.
Make no mistake, Unreal Tournament is not recommended for people who love to play games that go at a snail’s pace. It’s a speedy shooter with oodles of weapons to get your hands on. Some may feel like conventional inclusions, like the pistol, chaingun and sniper rifle, but these are still major-fun to use. The same can be said about the more unique weapons, like a sticky, sludge-shooter, and a cannon that fires pieces of shrapnel that reflect off of walls, making your standard shotgun look about as menacing as a sharpened stick. All weapons have alternate firing modes, which adds a lot more variety to the combat. It’s a fantastic arsenal, all