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The time has come to make some changes to the Upcoming Games and Rumors section that is included at the bottom of each Monday TWIP article.  We list the manufacturers below, with Most Recent Titles, Announced/Confirmed, and Rumors of Future Titles.  The Rumors of Future Titles are listed from left to right, in the order we think they will be released.

We’ll first make the changes then explain them below:

Stern Pinball

Most Recent Titles

Aerosmith   AC/DC Vault Edition  |  Star Wars  |  Guardians of the Galaxy  |  AC/DC Luci Vault Edition  |  Iron Maiden


Elvira 3

Rumors of Future Titles

Deadpool?  |  The Munsters?  |  The Beatles?  |  Jurassic World? <-New |  Pulp Fiction? <-New |  Steve Ritchie Black Knight 3000?

Jersey Jack Pinball

Most Recent Titles

Wizard of Oz  |  The Hobbit  |  Dialed In  |  Pirates of the Caribbean

Rumors of Future Titles

Toy Story?  |  Willy Wonka?  |  The Muppets? <-New  |  Guns N’ Roses <-New

Chicago Gaming/Planetary Pinball

Most Recent Titles

Medieval Madness Remake  |  Attack From Mars Remake

Rumors of Future Titles

Monster Bash Remake?  |  Cactus Canyon Remake?  |  Theatre of Magic?  |  Big Bang Bar Remake? <-Order Changed

Spooky Pinball

Most Recent Titles

Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International  |  Dominos (*contract game)  |  Jetsons (*contract game)  |  Total Nuclear Annihilation (*contract/house game)  |  Alice Cooper’s Nightmare Castle

American Pinball

Most Recent Titles


Rumors of Future Titles


P3 (Multimorphic)

Lexy Lightspeed  |  Cannon Lagoon  |  Cosmic Cart Racing

Heighway Pinball <-New

Most Recent Titles

Full Throttle  |  Alien (shipping)

Rumors of Future Titles <-New

Queen? <-New

Pinball Brothers <-New

Queen <-New |  Playboy <-New

Dutch Pinball

Most Recent Titles

Bride of Pinbot 2.0  |  Bride of Pinbot 3.0 (on hold)  |  The Big Lebowski (production issues)

Circus Maximus

The Pinball Circus Remake  |  Kingpin


Thunderbirds (coming soon)

deeproot Pinball

Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland?  |  Alice in Wonderland?  |  Magic Girl?  |  Original Houdini design?


Fire and Brimstone

Silver Castle Pinball

Timeshock (coming soon)

Phénix Pinball

Olympic Goblin


Removed: Jurassic World

Sad to remove this as we here at TWIP would love to see another dinosaur pinball.  But, the new movie is coming out June 22, 2018, and we’ve heard absolutely no further rumors about this pin.  So it is time to remove it.  Another sequel to this series is set to be released June 11, 2021 though…so maybe all hope is not lost?

Removed: Pulp Fiction

A company has secured this license, and it is believed to be Stern.  However, we have not heard anything beyond that.  Is it possible they secured this license to block another manufacturer from making the game?  Not sure, but it is time to remove it until we hear more.

Removed: The Muppets

This was a rumor from a while ago that did not gain any traction.

Added: Guns N’ Roses

We’ve heard from multiple sources that this may very well be the next JJP game after Toy Story and Willy Wonka.  It is time to add it to the list.

Moved: Big Bang Bar Remake

Remember how we said we list these left to right in the order we think they’ll be released?  From what we’ve heard, this is the least likely remake out of Monster Bash, Cactus Canyon, and Theatre of Magic.

Removed: Heighway Pinball

You know the reasons.

Added: Pinball Brothers – Queen and Playboy

Do The Pinball Brothers, the company that was formed days after the investors took over Heighway Pinball, plan to go forward and attempt to produce Queen and Playboy?


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