With the Final Fantasy 7 remake on the way in the next few months, there’s never been a better time to jump on board this classic series. Whether you’re into action or turn-based, there’ll be something you love in the Final Fantasy universe. Let’s figure out where to start with Final Fantasy.
So there are 15 mainline titles to pick from, and various sequels to some of the games so it can be hard to figure out where to start with Final Fantasy. If you’re a retro fan, you’ll find yourself more comfortable with the first 6 games, but the currently available versions can make things difficult. One of the best things about the series is that they don’t tie in to one another, so you could play Final Fantasy 8 without playing any games before it, and you wouldn’t be lost. So it really just comes down to which game interests you the most.
Where To Start With Final Fantasy – Retro Focus
Final Fantasy

If you’re looking to play something in the realm of 2D, there are a couple of places I would recommend you start. As somewhat of a completionist, I would always recommend you at least try the very first game in the series, just so you know where things started. It won’t do you any good from a story perspective, but it’ll give you a good base to move onward from and see the progression (or regression) in each following Final Fantasy game.
How to play Final Fantasy
There are multiple places you can play the original Final Fantasy, perhaps the best way would be the NES Classic if you managed to get your hands on one. Failing that, you could also pick up Final Fantasy Origins on PS1 or the PS1 Classic, which includes Final Fantasy II also. More readily