“Qix grabbed the gaming world with its color and imaginative design. Almost immediately it rose to the top of the charts.”
“Qix was conceptually too mystifying for gamers … It was impossible to master and once the novelty wore off, the game faded.”
“Qix is a fascinating game. It is highly recommended to those who are at one with the universe … I do love and hate it so.”
A few quotes from reviews as far back as the early 80s on Qix. An interesting bunch which seem to hint at a game which was on the verge of greatness, but was maybe too clever for its own good. Apparently, gamers back then didn’t get it. They didn’t enjoy the randomness at play with the Qix (more on this bugger in a minute) bouncing around the play area. How can you master a game with such a random element involved? This wasn’t like Donkey Kong and Pac Man with their programmed patterns, no-one could predict how the Qix would behave. Let’s take a look at the little fella:

Seems simple enough. Claim areas of the playing field whilst trying to avoid this slow moving ‘thing’ which just seems to be minding its own business. Easy! Let’s see where it goes from here:

Score on a huge area against the Qix! Take that you stupid Qix! I’m avoiding the sparx following me around the outside of the area which is good, and Qix seems to be getting a bit more aware at this point. What next…:

WTF. I swear that thing started to follow me along my line, also known as a stix. There’s NO WAY Qix was ever going to let me move on there. Clever little sod him.  Ah Qix, you are a naughty boy you. Bouncing around the play area in that way you do. That rhymes.