Before DOOM shook up the gaming world in 1993, id Software stunned players with its World War II-shooter Wolfenstein 3D. For the time, this was a technological breakthrough – smooth-running gameplay, ultra-violent combat, and mazes filled with mysterious secret areas. This 1991 first-person shooter popularized its genre for decades to come.
After the release of the Spear of Destiny expansion pack in 1992, the game’s publishers – FormGen Entertainment – released a duo of ‘accessory packs’ two years later. Basically, they were expansion packs for the pre-existing expansion pack. It sounds like a sleazy cash-grab (something that EA pulled off in modern-times with their Sims Pets DLC), but, surely there is some lingering essence of fun to be had here in the Lost Episodes?
Hitler has been feeding the attack dogs blue paint. Bastard.
Return to Danger takes place after the events of Spear of Destiny, where our all-American hero B.J. Blazkowicz acquired the aforementioned holy relic that pierced the flesh of Christ in a raffle after a series of hilarious–oh, you know what really happened. Well, it looks like the Nazis stole the spear a second time, and you need to retrieve it again. In Ultimate Challenge, the damned Jerry’s swiped the artifact yet again (which makes you wonder whether the US Army basically placed it within an unguarded tent with a ‘do not steal’ sign stuck to it), only this time Hitler has called for some help from another realm, and has even obtained information on futuristic weapons development as a result
Both accessory packs contain 21 new levels each, with new appearances for items, weapons, enemies, and much more thrown into the mix. Most of the levels are ludicrously complex and bloated, with some keys being hidden within secret areas along with enemies who seem perfectly chilled about being trapped