After we scoured through the Zones of the early Sonic games to find the best that Sega had to offer in the 90s, we couldn’t help but notice that some were a little … below par in comparison.
Not ones to waste research, we tirelessly compared these levels too to come out with a list of our worst Sonic Zones from the Mega Drive era.
Gotta go at a lacklustre pace!
Marble Zone

What’s worse than a Zone with excessive lava and things everywhere that can crush you? How about one that not only does both of those things, but also ruins the excellent pace set up by the Zone that precedes it? Marble Garden is a bit of a mess, involving a lot of waiting and horrid enemies that are placed with ruthless efficacy.
Spring Yard Zone

We’ve had a Sonic 1 Zone that slows down the action too much, and now one that speeds it up a little too much at points for what it throws at you. Like Marble Zone, it sometimes has you waiting around, but also throws the odd enemy in your way when you do manage to speed up. It does have great music, but not enough to save the experience.
Hill Top Zone

It seems that a lot of the Zones on here are levels that slow the Blue Blur down, and with good reason as he is all about speed. Hill Top Zone is uniquely placed, even among these as it has no redeeming feature at all. Unless you enjoy a lot of waiting, copious amounts of lava, bad enemy placement, and possibly the worst stage music in the game.
Sandopolis Zone

Ho boy, what a set of levels. Ranging from laughably easy in Act 1, to borderline cruel in Act 2, Sandopolis Zone is easily the least consistent Zone in Sonic