Blood: Fresh Supply is a brilliant port of the super-gorey, cult-classic shooter. As the anti-hero Caleb, you set off to kill the evil god that cast you down, taking down monsters and insane worshippers along the way. Despite its steep difficulty curve, retro game shooter fans still hold the title in such high regard. One of the big reasons for this is because of the atmospheric, intricately-designed maps. This list is made up of the best of the bunch, ranging from a carnival under siege, to a not-so-relaxing ride on a Steamboat. 
Cradle to Grave
“I live… again!” The very first level is a funeral home full of zombies, spiders and crazy cultists. A lack of ammo makes it almost feel like a survival horror game. Thanks to its numerous secret areas, destructible environments and numerous props to interact with, Cradle to Grave is a fantastic foray into the world of Blood. Its fairly compact size also makes it a great choice for multiplayer matches, too.

Phantom Express
All aboard! Caleb has just hopped on a Cabal-infested train, and must derail it by overloading its boiler. The level is long, thin, and can feel a bit claustrophobic at times. However, there are numerous rooms to explore in the locomotive’s six carriages, like the VIP lounge and kitchen. Eagle-eyed players will stumble across some sweet loot, like a damage-reflecting orb. Sending the baddies flying off of the train or out of the window with a well-timed shotgun blast never gets old.

Dark Carnival
Emerging from the rubble of the recently-destroyed Phantom Express, Caleb stumbles across one of the fa favourites of Blood. Zombie head football, a tightrope walk across a pit of snakes, and a shooting gallery are but some of the attractions you can take part in at this demented circus. Best of all, not only