We have a few bits of game news to share today, but I am splitting it up into two posts. Let’s start with the highly anticipated rhythm game release:

Pump It Up Phoenix 2023 (Andamiro USA)

That’s right, the latest iteration of Pump It Up, Phoenix 2023, is now live…in South Korea. While this tweet from Andamiro USA does confirm that the game will be coming to the US, they have really hinted at when. I’d say that it’s a surefire thing to come to IAAPA 2023 but there aren’t many giant trade shows that happen before that so who knows…maybe they’ll release it outside of a trade show launch.

Centaur Revisited (Bally/Haggis Pinball)

Haggis Pinball took to the web on July 4th to announce their latest “Revisited” release, which you could call a remaster of a classic pinball machine. In this case, it’s Bally’s 1981 title Centaur.  Today they posted this “Talk Through” that gets into the details of both models and what buyers can expect. If you are wanting to put a deposit down on this, you can find the Beast Edition here (250 units) and the more expensive/feature packed Orblivion version (50 units) can be ordered here. That definitely fits the bill for “boutique” pinball:

Here’s a breakdown of features between the two models:

I think I’ve come across a Centaur once but I can’t remember well how it plays. Regardless that, I like how it looks!

What are your thoughts on these releases?

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