Following yesterday’s teaser video, Stern Pinball today released pictures and a video of their new Black Knight: Sword of Rage pinball.

The translite for the Pro model

As usual, the game is available in three variants – Pro, Premium and LE – with suggested prices of $5,999 for the Pro, $7,599 for the Premium and $8,999 for the Limited Edition.

Let’s take a look at the cabinet and backbox artwork for the three models.

The Pro side view

The front of the Pro

The side view of the Premium

The front of the Premium

The side of the Limited Edition

The front of the Limited Edition

Each model has its own art package, together with individual translite or backglass (on the LE) designs. All the artwork comes from famed pinball artist Kevin O’Connor.

The Pro, Premium and LE translite/backglass designs

Under the glass, the Premium and LE models share the same playfield features which include an acrylic upper playfield with a full-size flipper and a three-ball lock, a stainless-steel shooter lane with the choice to launch to the upper or lower playfields, a drop target in the left orbit lane, and a powder-coated steel bottom apron.

The LE playfield

The Pro model doesn’t have an upper playfield, so it’s only a two-flipper game compared to three on the Premium and LE. It also has a plastic bottom apron, but gains a second spinner in the left orbit in place of the drop target on the Premium/LE.

The Pro model’s playfield

Here are the two designs side-by-side:

The LE/Premium on the left, the Pro on the right

Probably the star of the game is The Black Knight himself. He is represented on the playfield for the first time as a model and, apart from being internally lit by RGB LEDs synced to his speech, he has a couple more tricks up his sleeves.

The Black Knight on the Pro

The Black Knight isn’t a bash toy exactly, as you shoot the standup target in front of him rather than hit the model directly. However, in his right hand is a a spinning flail which is motorised so it can spin whenever the ramp below is shot.

The motorised flail in the Black