The Evercade’s “Indie Heroes” cartridge plays host to a variety of brand new games for classic platforms — and even if you don’t have an Evercade, you can try most of these for yourself in one way or another! Let’s explore them in detail!

Having trouble nailing all of Deadeus’ 11 endings? Let our Deadeus walkthrough help you out! Note that while most endings can be achieved in a single playthrough with a well-timed save at the start of the final day, some will require a certain amount of forward planning to accomplish, so you may find yourself having to start over. Make canny use of multiple save states if you want to save yourself some time!

Spoilers ahead, obviously.

Deadeus walkthrough

1. Sleep through it all

Easy. Just sleep until the end of the game, don’t do anything. Aren’t you glad you read this Deadeus walkthrough now?

2. Kill yourself

Walk to the end of the pier in the south-east corner of town and look off the end. If you don’t get the option to jump, sleep and come back another day.

3. Leave town

From the second day onwards, you can just leave by taking any of the roads that lead out of town.

4. Wait for the end alone

Play through until the final day — your actions taken don’t matter, so long as Girl Next Door isn’t present on the mountaintop — and sit on the bench on top of the mountain to wait for the end.

Deadeus walkthrough

5. Wait for the end by her side

On the first day, walk around the entire town and collect ten flowers, including stealing two from the allotment. Give them all to Girl Next Door one at a time (this takes a while!), leave and return to see she has planted all of the flowers.

Come back and see her every day after sleeping and on the last day she will tell you that her “heart is full” and make a promise with you to see the end on the mountaintop. When you’re ready, climb to the top of the mountain, talk to her and sit down next to her to wait for the end together. This is probably the “best” ending.

Note that if you accidentally meet the conditions for this and want to see “Wait for the end alone”, you can get the knife as described below, murder Girl Next Door, leave and come back to sit on the bench by yourself. You monster. But I guess I’m the real monster for writing this Deadeus walkthrough.

6. Flesh for the flesh god

Ascend the mountain path and talk to the mysterious hooded figure. He will give you a Mysterious Key. Head to the church and look for the gravestone with the William Blake quote on it — it’s the one nearest the east wall of the church. Walk into the wall to find a secret room. Use the Mysterious Key on the keyhole in the altar to open the way to the Sons of Deadeus’ headquarters.

In the cult base, head to the west and speak to the cultist, then pick up the knife from the table. Now use the knife to kill ten or more people around town, then sleep until the end of the game.

If you have trouble triggering this one, grab the ten flowers from around town without giving them to Girl Next Door and lay one on top of each corpse before you leave the area.

Deadeus walkthrough

7. It’s a fair cop, guv

Kill someone in front of another person (except the priest in the church, he’s cool with murder) so the police are called on you. There’s a slight variation on this scene depending on whether or not you murdered the current inmate prior to getting banged up yourself, and whether or not the cop is still alive.

8. I am become Deadeus

This is one of the more complex endings, so follow the steps in our Deadeus walkthrough carefully to ensure you get this all right.

Find the ten flowers and give them to Girl Next Door as described in “Wait for the end by her side”. She will give you a special Flower in exchange. Make sure to come back and visit her every day so she makes her promise with you.

Before finishing the first day, make sure you visit the Library and get the Blank Book from the pedestal in the western room upstairs.

Attend all the Geology lectures in the eastern classroom at the school. On the second day, speak to the teacher and he will give you a Trowel. Climb up the mountain to the area with the big rock and the locked door, and use the Trowel on the rock to get the Meteor. Take the Meteor back to the Geology teacher. Return to him on the final day for some possible insights.

South of the church, use the Trowel on the grave to get the Best Friend’s Remains.

Get the knife as described in “Flesh for the flesh god”, climb up the mountain on the final day and kill Girl Next Door (talk to her from behind instead of sitting on the bench) to get her Full Heart.

Proceed to the Sons of Deadeus’ base, and in the southern room, place all of the items (Flower, Blank Book, Remains, Meteor, Full Heart) on the appropriate pedestals to open a secret door to the south. Follow the passageway to the end and jump into the pit when prompted. There’s a slight variation on the scene depending on whether or not you killed your mother.

In the white area, walk to the north until you meet ol’ keyhole-head himself.

Deadeus walkthrough

9. You are become Deadeus

Repeat the above process, but instead of jumping into the pit yourself, push the cultist into the pit instead.

10. Daddy issues

Get the knife as described above and kill your mother. Use her key to open the locked door in the mountainside.

11. Killing spree

This is the toughest ending in the game, but follow our Deadeus walkthrough carefully and you’ll succeed!

Get the knife as described above as early as possible and murder everyone in town — this should get you 36 of the 37 skins you require. Your character will then give a speech about needing to find the last one, and the ending will trigger.

Note that this one is a lot harder than it sounds for a few reasons, because you can be arrested if you get spotted — and there are “missable” kills throughout the game.

The first of these are the three people in the mountaintop café — if you wait until the final day, the waitress will poison everyone, depriving you of three kills. Instead, wait until the second day, when the café owner is in there alone, and kill her. Kill the waitress while she’s on the beach. The other regular can be found around the town.

Secondly, in order to kill everyone in the school you have to ensure that no-one sees what you’re up to. Only kill someone when they are alone in a room, otherwise you will be spotted and arrested.

If you’re really stuck on this one, check out this speedrun on YouTube to see one possible approach.

Deadeus is available on Itch, or as part of the Indie Heroes Collection 1 cartridge for Evercade which released alongside the Worms Collection 1 cartridge.

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