Back in February 2018, we broke a story about a new conversion kit system that was in development for arcades by the name of Exa-Arcadia. Since that news dropped, we’ve been keeping a very close eye on the progress of the platform, which was aiming at revitalizing the arcade market by using an old, but proven idea with modern enhancements.
The Exa-Arcadia platform, just known as the EXA board, recently launched in Japan with the scrolling shooter Aka & Blue Type-R as the launch title. That game has been performing “far above expectations” to quote Exa-Arcadia CEO Eric “ShouTime” Jung, but the news has left many outside of that country a little envious as to when they would get a chance to get their hands on the system.
Fortunately, the wait is almost over, as I get into with the latest VLOG:

When the systems will ship is stated to be “Q4 2019,” which really could be any time. This probably depends on the overall demand.
With the pre-orders, there is a page just for the EXA board (listed at $2,500), separate pieces of software or you can get the board and a game as a bundle. The four game cartridges/bundles available (NOTE: There is always a chance that pricing can change without notice)

Kung Fu Vs. Karate Champ (Cart alone: $1500 / Bundle: $3500)
Infinos EXA (Cart alone: $1200 / Bundle: $3500)
Strania EX (Cart alone: $1500 / Bundle: $3500)
Super Hydorah AC (Cart alone: $1200 / Bundle: $3500 )

Three of those are shmups, one is a 1v1 fighter, but either way way, it’s a good starting point for locations (and perhaps the occasional collector) to start adding something a little different to the mix.
We’ll share news of the pre-orders opening once that drops. What do you think about it after this latest update?
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