It’s about time for a new pinball machine to be announced and Stern Pinball just teased out their next game, Foo Fighters:

This appears to be a design by Jack Danger, possibly with art by Zombie Yeti given both specifically shared this trailer out there. Stern All-Access Insiders can purchase an LE when pre-orders go live on the Stern store next week.

Other than that, we don’t know anything else about this one at the moment; It sounds like full details will be unveiled next Tuesday, if I’m understanding the countdown right. This means that operators can expect to see this game at the Stern Pinball booth when Amusement Expo 2023 starts at the end of March, although chances are you’ll find some out on location before then.

It’s interesting for me in that this is one of the few bands that Stern has made a pin about where I own one or two of the bands albums (it’s been a while since I checked my ol’ CD collection…I know I’ve got one FF CD, at least.

Any thoughts or interest in this theme from your end?

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