I have to apologize here, as I let myself get sidetracked with other items of business, and forgot to follow-up with Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report in regards to IAAPA Europe 2019. The expo took place a couple of weeks ago, but I heard next to nothing about it, so just foolishly assumed that there wasn’t any new reveals there and didn’t follow-up on what really went down at the show. Better late than never, but still, my bad for slacking on that.
To note, thanks to Kevin Williams of The Stinger Report for providing details on the game below. Please keep in mind that this is discussing a game that is still in it’s development phase and could change or be cancelled without notice.
We have known that Sega Amusements has a new version of their Mario & Sonic Olympic games title in the works for arcades for a while now, but it was unknown whether or not that game would be seeing a release outside of Japan. It was a safe assumption to make that it would be, given that Mario & Sonic At The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Arcade Edition was released all over the world.
At the IAAPA Expo Europe in Paris, France, confirmation was received as Sega quietly featured the game on their booth. There were no press releases or social media posts that mentioned it; there was a release about IAAPA Expo Europe from the company, but the only new games mentioned were redemption and crane equipment.
Here’s a full shot of the game packed booth; note that the title of the game as on the screen is Mario & Sonic At The Olympic Games Arcade Edition. I think they removed the “Tokyo 2020” part to help keep interest in this one high after the Tokyo Olympics