Apologies about the lack of posts on the site lately – there are a few stories “brewing” behind the scenes at the moment, but until all of the info is released, they are stories that just hang out in the draft setting.
Fortunately, we do have some events coming up that should generate some headlines, although at the moment everything I’m seeing in this regard is redemption/prize related. One event that is currently taking place in Chicago is the AAMA Gala, although I’m not sure how much news will come out of that (it’s usually not much as the product portion of it is pretty low key). The next trade show will be taking place next week in Paris, France by the name of the IAAPA Expo Europe 2019. Not many companies have announced the intended line-up, but a couple have so let’s take a peak.
UPDATE: After publishing this post this morning, some other manufacturers alerted me or posted news of products they’ll have on hand. Scroll down to find the additions.
Sega sent out a release this morning that showcases a number of products. They will have three video pieces on hand: ATV Slam, House of the Dead Scarlet Dawn, and ICE’s Centipede Chaos (keep in mind, Sega is ICE’s European distributor, so that is why you see so many ICE products being promoted on Sega Amusements’ social media). Nothing “new-new” from our perspective that hasn’t been seen before, so we’ll have to wait for the main IAAPA Expo in November to see what new video Sega is working on. Although if you are planning on attending IAAPA Europe, then perhaps this might be your first time seeing one of these titles. I’ve been wanting to see ATV Slam more than the appearance in Vegas this past March to get a