We have talked before about the growing trend to re-visit (or re-boot) previous titles to make new pinball games, from Pirates of the Caribbean to Star Wars, Star Trek and Guns & Roses.

Stern Pinball’s latest release is a remake of one of their most popular games of the early ’90s – Jurassic Park.

Unlike back in 1993 when the original was released, the new Jurassic Park follows the familiar trend of having three variants – the Pro, Premium and Limited Edition.

Just a note that these pictures don’t come from the official Stern Pinball press release which we haven’t received yet, but are branded as coming from Stern so we believe them to be authentic even though they look to be preliminary compositions.

All three models appear to have three flippers and a shot-rich single-level playfield. All ramp returns are metal, although the left ramp seems to have a plastic riser beneath a molded T-Rex model

The Pro model together with some playfield specifications

The Pro model’s playfield

Playfield shots from the Pro model

The Premium’s playfield (which is usually the same as the Limited Edition’s) doesn’t seem that different from the Pro at first glance, although it does get a different cabinet and backbox art package.

The Premium cabinet and backbox

The Premium model’s playfield

Playfield shots from the Premium model

It is to be expected that some of the moulded models on the mid and upper-range versions are replaced by flat butyrate plastics on the Pro, with higher-quality trim and a metal bottom arch, but unlike Stern’s last ‘cornerstone’ release – Black Knight: Sword of Rage – there don’t seem to be any major playfield mechanisms taken out too.

It does look as though the dinosaur head on the higher models can move laterally and perhaps follow the ball to some degree.

Here’s a comparison between the Pro (left) and Premium (right) playfields:

The Pro and Premium Jurassic Park playfields

Details of the additional features found on the Limited Edition model haven’t been released yet, but it does had a different art package to the Pro and Premium.

The Limited Edition model’s cabinet and backbox

The LE gets a green lock bar, side rails, legs