We’ve been talking about this game for a while now, and finally the official release is here, as I’ve been informed by LAI Games that their new light-gun shooter Outnumbered is now available and shipping to arcades in North America & Europe.

The game had a limited release in Australia and certain Southeast Asia territories last year, mainly through the TimeZone chain, before debuting at IAAPA 2019 for the rest of the planet.
As discussed on Arcade Heroes previously, the game is a shooting gallery style shooter, where you play across three levels in an attempt to hone your skills and get the highest score possible. It is a step up from the typical shooting gallery game in that you go through levels like they were a standard light-gun shooter, as opposed to sitting in a room with targets dancing across the screen. This one also boasts the Weapons Forge app, that was created as a way to drive more play to arcades and foster friendly competition. I’ve covered it in detail not just on the blog, but also from my hands-on look at IAAPA 2019:

I’ve updated the 2020 releases page to reflect the change. The game is also showing up in Europe today at EAG2020. It also marks the first full dedicated cabinet release of 2020, and the 20’s as a decade. If you’ve already come across this one out there, what did you think of it?
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