May is just about over, and while a certain new basketball video game has been soaking up most of the attention, this Memorial Day weekend is full of surprises. One we posted about last night; today’s is about game discussed on the blog previously. Note that it was originally reported that it had launched back in March, but that was in error – I’ve confirmed that it has now though, so let’s go!

Smash DX

Originally developed by the Chinese company Superwing as Extreme Offroad, and localized by them with LAI, Smash DX joins Asphalt 9 Legends Arcade in LAI’s growing number of arcade racers. Instead of driving licensed supercars, you are involved in fantasy off-road combat. This version of the game was unveiled over here a short time before Amusement Expo ’24, and has been brought to various trade shows, though I have not seen any photos of it out on test. Now, it is available for any venue to grab.

I don’t know what, if any, changes to the software/hardware have been made to it since that video; likely little. Here’s the cabinet – operators can link up to four units. Perhaps it will be made available in a non-motion version. I am not sure what the price is, but interested parties can contact their distributor to get a quote.

Smash DX video arcade game by LAI Games

You can find the official page for Smash DX here. If you have been able to play it at a trade show or on test so far, what did you think about it?

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