We’re almost done with October, but before the floodgates open about the latest games that you’ll find in arcades next year, let’s take a fresh look at the newest venues that are opening their doors around the world with this edition of Location Watch. Now sporting this snazzy new banner for these particular posts:

Sega Prize Zone (Norwich, UK)
Sega’s UK operation continues to expand their mini-FEC brand of arcades that go by the name of Prize Zone, this time in Norwich (Eastern UK). Per this tweet, the game selection consists primarily of redemption and carnival style content (Sega distributes ICE product in the EU region, which is why they are so heavily represented), with a little video to be found – the only one I noticed is the Deluxe version of Target Bravo: Operation GHOST.
#5 For Scene 75 (Columbus, OH)
The opening of mega FECs hasn’t let up, as massive investments placed last year or prior are coming to fruition. The latest giant entertainment facility to open their doors, with an arcade among many other amusements, is another location for Scene 75. We’ve mentioned this company in the past, as they were one of the few FECs I had heard of to grab some pretty substantial attractions, like the Valkyrie simulator.
For the new location, it’s touting one of the largest venue sizes in the country (possibly the biggest) with 225,000 sq. ft. of space to work with. That allows them to have a substantial arcade with at least 230 games (and probably room to grow), then the standard bevy of attractions including go-karts, dining options (including a banquet hall), bumper cars, escape rooms, a laser maze, and so on. Being in Ohio, land of the roller coasters, they also sport an indoor roller coaster and a 36-foot-tall drop tower. Their official website