It’s time to get everyone up to speed on the latest arcade & amusement locations to have opened their doors out there. If you are involved with a location that opened recently or is opening very soon (in the next few weeks), then please let us know so that we can include the facility in our next locations post!
Before we begin, there’s news of another FEC chain expanding as Punch Bowl Social plans on adding 11 more locations to the existing 17 sites they have, by the end of 2020.
The Game Preserve #2 (Webster [Houston], TX)
Let’s start with something…big. Opening their second location in the state, this one boasts 11,000 sq. ft. of gaming space, definitely making it a “Texas sized” kind of place. As it is “down the road” from NASA there, they are also calling this the NASA location. In addition to a ton of quality artwork & murals, live music, alien spaceship DJ booth, food (and letting you bring your own food in), they have a massive video arcade and pinball space to play in. If I was to try and list most of the games they have, this post would go on for too long, so here’s a low quality video that gives you ten minutes of walking around the space and showing many of the games. Suffice it to say, it’s got to have at least 100 games, probably more. Not sure that they are close to Galloping Ghost yet, but they’ve got plenty of space to expand:

Their main website is here.
The Game Show (Lombard, IL)
If you hit up the Yorktown Mall in Lombard, then you’ll find a fresh arcade there by the name of The Game Show. Using the now-standard Free Play entry pass that classic/retro arcades love, they have two tiers, one of