It’s a new month, so time to join Martin and Jonathan for a brand new edition of the Pinball News and Pinball Magazine joint Pinball Industry News PINcast looking back on May and the first few days of June.

May 2024 PINcast
May 2024 PINcast

This month’s PINcast is just slightly later than usual to make sure it can include the latest breaking news on the announcement by Dutch Pinball Exclusive about their first title. Martin and Jonathan discuss what it means, the history of the title and when you can expect to see it.

There were also three new game titles launched in May.

John Wick from Stern Pinball caused plenty of controversy, as much for the lack of visible weaponry as for the game itself. With several podcasters taking issue with the company and their products, Stern invited a bunch of them over to get a better understanding of how pinball is made and the challenges faced.

Meanwhile Pedretti Gaming released full details of their first remake game, Funhouse, together with the differences between the two new versions and the all-important pricing.

Finally, a new game for Multimorphic’s P3 was released by Ian Harrower with his Blood Bank Billiards add-on title.

Although not announcing a new title, there was much speculation around American Pinball this month. So, to get to the bottom of things, Martin and Jonathan interview American’s Vice President, David Fix.

In an extended in-depth discussion they find out about sales for current titles, details and the timing of upcoming releases, what the floatation of their parent company means for the pinball operation, who has left the company, the pinball market in general, and much, much more.

Plus there’s all the news from the many other companies designing and manufacturing pinball machines right around the world.

Get all this and much more in this latest edition of the Pinball News and Pinball Magazine PINcast.

It’s the best way to keep up-to-date on what’s happening across the industry, so it’s really no surprise it’s the podcast the pinball industry listens to.

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May 2024 PINcast

There’s so much happening and much more coming up in the pinball world, so join Martin and Jonathan each month to make sure you don’t miss any of it.