Hello there boys and girls, and welcome to another exciting edition of Newsbytes. It’s been a little bit since we’ve done this due to the work needed on IAAPA videos, but note that I am pretty much finished on that end. Just need to finish work on the VR game supercut and then back to regularly scheduled programming.
Before we get started, it’s also worth noting The Game Awards that were held the other day. It’s too bad that arcades are still treated as anathema in that part of the business, but hopefully that will change with time. Arcades will be making a strong representation at GDC 2020 this coming March, as I have been in the process of working with GDC management and several different arcade companies to setup an arcade there. More details on that to come once confirmations are all in place.
Don’t forget – there are only a few days left to vote for your arcade & pinball Game of the Decade! Be sure to share that around to any arcade/pinball loving friends, as the more votes, the better the results!
Anyways, onto the news
A Blind Gamer Recounts His Arcade Experience
Earlier this week, a reader by the name of Aaron Danvers-jukes posted “a long read” on the Arcade Heroes Facebook group. This was an amazing & humbling read for me, as he detailed his history of arcade gaming as a blind person and how this site, along with those who contribute such as The Stinger Report, have allowed him to truly enjoy arcades. I have an aunt who was born blind and understand to some degree the challenges that the blind face in society, but enjoying video games in this state takes dedication to a level I’ll never be able to fully comprehend. Granted, being blind doesn’t prohibit anyone