I’ve got a late newsbytes for you this weekend, running late thanks to a bit of work I put into the first item of business.
Arcade Firsts Page
This week I finally got a chance to sit down with my friend Azrial and talk about computer & arcade graphics. It was done for a video that I’ve been thinking about for a while now, and was done in a bit of a podcast format. I’m still working on it, as it requires a lot of spliced and sourced footage, but we talked for almost 2 hours, which is a bit more than people want to watch for a production of this quality. So, I decided to cut out a major chunk of the discussion, one dealing with arcade history and when various graphics techniques had first (or likely appeared first) in arcades. To reference that, I’ve created this page, and expanded it from just graphics to include any first I could think of:
Arcade Firsts Reference Page
This is certainly not complete, but I think it covers a good range for something thrown together in part of a day. Let me know if anything is incorrect or missing, and it’ll be corrected. I hope to have this video up next week, but we’ll see. It was a fun discussion.
The Rise Of Augmented Reality Alley Bowlers
This week I also received news of two up and coming arcade redemption games – one by UNIS and another by LAI Games. Both are alley bowlers (often called “Skee Ball,” but that is the original alley bowler brand, not the game type) that are using a popular “pseudo-hologram” technology that is better known as Augmented Reality.
Note that this next week is the AAMA Gala in Chicago, which is more of a low key event, but still often serves as