Hello humble readers, welcome to another Arcade Heroes Newsbytes. Here we compile quick news items into one post so that you have something arcade related to read over the weekend. Also don’t forget to check out the lengthy post about an upcoming arcade game by LAI called Outnumbered.  Let’s get started:
The New Elvira Pinball Cabinet (For Those Who Just Can’t Wait)
Yesterday, Stern took advantage of Friday the 13th to unveil their next machine, Elvira House of Horrors. That tease didn’t reveal the game cabinet or playfield, but there are always well-connected people in the business that get things a little early, so here’s the image that’s being passed around all over the interwebs today. I’m pretty sure we’ll have something better to look at, along with more details come Monday. Until then, here’s one cab with more JPG artifacts than anything else:

What Was At The AAMA Gala This Week?
Usually I have a “mole” that attends the AAMA Gala event to let me know about what happened to be there, but not this year. So, we’ve had to piece together things here and there – it’s not much.
UNIS has been the most open about what they had, as they’ve been promoting it on their Instagram account. That included the Jetball Alley augmented reality alley bowler and something that might be considered augmented reality basketball called To Tha Net. I’ll try and embed it here, but Instagram isn’t always web friendly, so you might have to click through. Suffice it to say, it turns the back board in a video screen. While an innovative idea, I think the main question we’re all wondering is just how durable will this be? It’ll be at IAAPA for us to see first hand.  As a note, I am working on a story about one of