Welcome to this rushed edition of Newsbytes, a collection of quick arcade-related news pieces that I try and post on Saturday. That didn’t work out thanks to a load of work that I had to take care of yesterday.
Bandai Namco Reveals Big Plans To Celebrate 40 years of Pac-Man
2020 marks 40 years of Pac-Man, and Bandai Namco is more than ready to take advantage of that to celebrate the character and their brand. The first indication of that was this “official theme song” music video called Join The Pac, performed by Ken Ishii. There will be much more that they will roll out, with pacman.com serving as the hub of news for the festivities. The big question is: What will Bandai Namco Amusements America do to celebrate? They have the World’s Largest Pac-Man and Pac-Man’s Pixel Bash, but those have been on the market for a while. Will we get something new, like a sequel or update to Pac-Man Battle Royale? Something else? Maybe we’ll get a surprise at IAAPA.

CarnEvil Is Now 21 [Corrected]
I hope that everyone had a fun Halloween; one important milestone for this year (in terms of arcade history) was the 20th 21st anniversary of the release of Midway’s CarnEvil(big thanks to Scott P. for correcting me on that. CarnEvil came out in 1998, for some dumb reason I was thinking ’99). The game quickly garnered a reputation for it’s character, style and gore. It also is a light-gun game that still earns well for it’s age, as long as it’s operating properly (mine has been down for many months, thanks to a fault in the monitor that I cannot find a replacement part for. Hurray CRTs). If you really want to reminisce, check out the official CarnEvil fan page on Facebook.
UPDATE: Here’s an interview with some