Welcome to yet another exciting edition of Newsbytes. I’m your host, ArcadeHero, and I’ll be guiding you through these curated pieces of news for this weekend. Be sure to catch my review of the new NBA Jam book if you haven’t already.
I probably should have made this it’s own post, but it was a busy week, so we’ll put the news from PE19 here.
Jersey Jack Pinball Announces Auto Updates & Bluetooth Support
The annual Pinball Expo was held last weekend, and one of the big pieces of news to come out of that event involved Jersey Jack Pinball and not just one of their machines, but all of them. As the headline mentions, this is pushing the online capabilities of the machines to a new level by allowing all of their products to receive updates automatically, and to have Bluetooth support (Dialed In! already has the latter). This is kind of “better late than never,” as pretty much all modern pinball machines are supposed to have the ability to connect to the internet, but there’s been little to no support in this regard. Here’s hoping that changes soon!

Toppers, toppers, toppers
Toppers are a nice little way to give pinball machines a little more character, and now there are new official toppers to grab from Stern Pinball, Chicago Gaming and Spooky Pinball (H/T to This Week In Pinball for these links)

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming:
Levels Trailer For Outnumbered
LAI Games will soon be gracing the industry with a video-only title in the form of Outnumbered, which will be one of many games we’ll come across at IAAPA 2019 in a few weeks. LAI also has a few videmption titles in the works that they haven’t officially announced yet, but are coming. Running up to Outnumbered’s big Western debut, I