It’s the first weekend of September, and that means that it’s time for another edition of Newsbytes. This is where I curate arcade & pinball news from around the interwebs into one post.
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On to the bytes of news!
Tokyo Joypolis Opens Scarlet Dawn: The Attraction
The Super Deluxe version of the latest House of the Dead has been available on the market since 2018, and now if you want to take the next step, there’s the Special Attraction version, only at the Tokyo Joypolis (of course, you’ll already have to be in Japan to use this, since travel is still restricted into the country). It’s not clear from this very brief trailer if the content of the game is any different from the arcade version, but you do get a motion seat, bigger screen and more players. Joypolis also uploaded brief videos of their Murder Lodge attraction and D-Lounge.

Sega Astro City Mini Trailer
If you’re hyped up for the miniature Sega Astro City cab, then you’ve probably seen this already. If not, here’s the full, amusing trailer that covers all of the titles that this will come with. Just note that it’s in Japanese, aside from the occasional English that the announcer throws in there for fun.  I’ll still hold out a glimmer of hope that Sega will try and do a full-sized, coin-op version of this (with a few more games), but just a glimmer:

Dave & Busters Restores Konami’s E-Amuse Service
In the aftermath of the pandemic, Dave & Busters’ social media (particularly their Twitter account) has become much more active and customer oriented. In addition to placing a