Welcome to Newsbytes, a weekend collection of various arcade/pinball news items that are curated for your reading and viewing pleasure. I do try to get this posted on Saturday, but ended up getting delayed from various life things. I did find out that Season 2 of High Score Girl has been posted to Netflix for a while, which news I had missed for a while somehow…so I’m starting to catch up on that.
Anyways, here is the news:
Virtual Expos – Southern Fried Gaming Expo, AEGAEE 2020  & California Extreme
While there is no telling when a physical get-together expo will be able to happen (IAAPA is looking like one of the few, still), the shutdowns have not stopped some events from going forward in a virtual sense.
For the Southern Fried Gaming Expo that was to be held in Atlanta, GA on July 10th-12th, they have uploaded a number of speakers to YouTube. Here is one of many of those, an interview with Warren Davis, creator of Q*Bert. You can find many others on the SFGE channel.

Another event that had an online presence was the Asian Electronic Game & Amusement Online Expo 2020. Here’s a landing page for Wahlap, a major Chinese based distributor that has shown up at IAAPA many times in the past (most recently with Speed Driver 5; they are also partnered with Raw Thrills, Bandai Namco & Sega on some games). There are several lengthy videos you can watch on the page, they are direct files instead of YouTube or some other service, thus vary in quality and . Eugene Jarvis offers a brief address in this video, which is the first and only statement I’ve seen him make regarding the pandemic. I’m not 100% sure when his statement was filmed (might be June as he mentions rising fears