Enjoy collecting for Nintendo platforms? Then you’re going to love our friends at Funstock’s latest partnership with “retro revival” specialists Piko Interactive, which resurrects four classic titles for three generations of Nintendo systems — including several which were never released back in the day! This new lineup joins the partnership’s recently announced Mega Drive and Atari Jaguar selections.

Each game includes a physical cartridge for the platform in question, along with a full instruction manual and an authentic cardboard box that will fit right in alongside your classic collection.

They’re available for preorder now until August 16, 2021, and should be released in October of 2021. Click here for more details or to preorder — or read on to find out a bit more about these upcoming retro rereleases!

40 Winks

40 Winks for Nintendo 64

This game, originally released for PlayStation and Windows PC in 1999, was supposed to come out on Nintendo 64 as well — the UK’s official Nintendo Magazine and the US’ Nintendo Power covered the game and even published a guide! — but for one reason or another, this never happened.

Now, that previously unreleased version is back and ready to enjoy on real Nintendo 64 hardware — complete with an exclusive two-player cooperative mode that was not found in the other versions.

Taking on the role of brother-sister pair Ruff and Tumble, it’s your job to free the 40 Winks from the evil Nitekap and his accomplice Threadbear. Along the way, you’ll have to contend with the Winks’ dark counterparts, the Hoodwinks, and collect various tokens to unlock various abilities and remain asleep.

There are six worlds to explore, each themed after a distinctly different setting, and over the course of the game both Ruff and Tumble have the opportunity to transform into a number of different forms to match their surroundings.

If you’ve been in the mood for a great classic 3D platformer from the genre’s golden age, 40 Winks is definitely worth a look! Click here to preorder.


Tinhead for Super Nintendo

Originally released for Sega Mega Drive in 1993, Tinhead was supposed to get a Super NES port in 1994, but this was cancelled. Now that previously unreleased version has been revived and is up for preorder — and it’s a challenging, well-presented platformer that will keep you busy for a while.

In Tinhead, you take on the role of the eponymous Guardian of the Edge of the Universe as he attempts to track down a distress signal from a friend of the stars. Ultimately, you’ll come to face with the evil tHiAgOcH and have to thwart his plans to disrupt spacetime by hoovering up stars and scattering them across the planets!

The game unfolds across four worlds with 24 levels in total, and features a distinctive “pause and scroll” mechanic, allowing you to freeze the game and “look ahead” to what’s coming next — very welcome in certain situations!

Click here to preorder Tinhead.

Iron Commando

Iron Commando for Super Nintendo

In the mood for a bit of punching action? Iron Commando has you covered with its 10 levels of brawling action, 2-player simultaneous co-op and added  vehicular funtimes.

Originally released in Japan in 1995, localised versions of Iron Commando were cancelled until Piko Interactive picked up the rights to rerelease the game. Now you can own a copy for your own Super NES, or alternatively as part of the Piko Interactive Collection 1 cartridge for the Evercade retro gaming platform.

In Iron Commando, you take on the role of a soldier named Jack or a kung-fu master named Chang Li as you battle your way through hordes of enemies to save the world. And there are a lot of different enemies ready to get in your way — ranging from the genre’s usual street punks to gunfighters, knights and strange creatures!

Click here to preorder Iron Commando.

Exploding Fist

Exploding Fist for Super Nintendo

Best known in its 1985 incarnation for home computers, Exploding Fist (or “The Way of the Exploding Fist” as these earlier versions were known) is a one-on-one fighting game in the classic style — that means no health bars. Instead, the game adopts a scoring system similar to that used in formal martial arts sporting competitions — landing a single clean, well-timed hit scores you a point.

The original developers at Beam Software were in the process of developing an NES port of the game, but this was never completed and released. Piko Interactive picked up the incomplete prototype, polished it up and finished it off — and now here we are.

The NES version of Exploding Fist differs slightly from the home computer originals by offering three-fighter battles as well as one-on-one combat; the scoring system is also slightly different. It’s an enjoyable game, though — and definitely a lot of fun against a friend.

Click here to preorder Exploding Fist — or pick it up right now as part of the Piko Interactive Collection 1 cartridge for the Evercade retro gaming platform.

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