Not too long ago, we unveiled a new arcade title coming to the market from an independent developer known as Coin Crew Games. Founded by Wyatt Bushnell (son of Nolan Bushnell) and Mike Salyh, the company has been providing concepts to the micro theme park known as Two Bit Circus, while looking to provide some innovative concepts to the wider arcade industry. The first game we saw is called King of the Road, and it provided a fresh take on multiplayer competitive racing and social gaming. Today we have info on their second game, called Battle Bowling.
NOTE: As this post is discussing a game that is not seeing mass production yet, anything about this title could change between now and when/if it received a wide release.
Battle Bowling is an original concept that combines video bowling with an arcade racer & an obstacle course. Easy to learn, difficult to master as they say. As the game is setup for 9:16 aspect ratio video, that’s how this particular gameplay video displays. Check it out, then we’ll talk more:

Again, it’s a simple concept that looks like it captures what an arcade space needs, with intuitive & competitive gameplay. Everyone knows bowling, it’s easy to play video bowling, and everyone knows how to race. While I can’t comment on how fun it is or isn’t as I haven’t played it yet, looking at that video as well as the photos, this seems like the perfect game to the social, multiplayer nature of arcades.
For the look, it certainly looks much better than more varied than something like Silver Strike Live, thanks to the environments. I also appreciate the 80’s synth music going on there, it seems to fit. Here’s the cabinet to look over:
If you want to play it, then you can also do so