Hello and welcome back to our continuing coverage of this 35th annual Pinball Expo.

Friday sees the continuation of the seminar schedule.

8:15am – Ron Coon, Jr. : Pinball Repair In A Modern Era

Ron described the common problems with pinballs, from not starting up, the loss of certain voltages, damage to boards, failed components, battery leakage and operator errors.

Ron Coon, Jr.

He showed examples of connector, fuse and component probems, describing his diagnostic and repair techniques.

9:00am – Derek Fugate: What Is My Game Worth

Derek said he’s been in the pinball hobby since the ’80s and is not amazed what’s happened to pinball prices recently, mostly due to the ‘Ebay effect’.

Derek Fugate

Derek said he is trying to understand why the prices of seemingly-unexceptional titles – such as the Stern Quicksilver he brought along – have risen so high, asking the audience to relate their experiences with pinball sales and the prices achieved.

9:45am – Rob Ilvento: The Silver Ball Museum – The Top Attraction In New Jersey

Rob started and runs the Silver Mall Museum in Asbury Park, New Jersey and has more than 900 games in his collection. He explained how the museum developed from a basement in a second-hand store to what was rated the number one attraction in New Jersey with a second branch in Florida.

Rob Ilvento

Rob gave advice on how to establish a museum like the Silver Ball, including the staff you will need, the best type of location to use, involvement with the local community and bringing in local pinball leagues and tournament players.

10:30am – Antonio Ortuño & Gustavo Diaz: Quetzal Pinball – 10 Years Creating Pinball Machines

Antonio and Gustavo spoke about the creation of Quetzal Pinball’s first title – Captain Nemo – from the design of the pinball controller board, through the playfield design and the artwork.

Antonio Ortuño & Gustavo Diaz

Since then Quetzal Pinball have built their second game – Tokyo Perfect Drift – and are showing their third at Pinball Expo – Super Canasta which is a new version of a classic Spanish game of the ’80s.

11:15am – John Robertson: The Time Travel Warehouse

John spoke about his background in