After being teased through updates to the game during the year, Series 2 cards are now available for Minecraft Dungeons Arcade, which brings the total number of collectible cards to 98 (adding 38). As they say in the sales business however, “but that’s not all!” They have added a new level to mix as well.

These cards have already made their way out to certain Dave & Busters and Round1USA locations; Other ops interested in ordering them will just need to contact their distributor. The cards & new level was at IAAPA 2022 and I hunkered down to grab footage of the whole thing (I say hunkered down as I had to play through two existing levels before it would unlock Hidden Depths). I’ll post direct footage of this sometime later once it’s available for the unit I have (I still need to order it). Also as shown in this video, three additional levels are set to be added to the game at some point, so unless there’s a change, they’ll one day hit Series 5 cards?

New art appears to come with the update, which was also on display as shown above. One thing I do like about the level is the dodge “feels” a little more effective as you’re swimming but I imagine it isn’t any different in function/how far you dodge.

I’ve been interested in this as I know that with Injustice Arcade, the popularity of the game increased as new cards found their way to the market. So far, the performance I’ve seen with the MDA that I have is a little strange – last I had checked, it was the 2nd highest grossing game of the year but when I do token collections the amounts vary wildly from week to week (sometimes high, sometimes 3 times as low, then next week can bounce back). I suppose I’m used to most games having a mostly consistent pull, although one can’t argue with the overall earnings which is what really matters. If there’s another op out there with this game, have you seen the same thing or different? I’ve just wondered why it bounces more than others and if that will change with this update or not.

What are your thoughts on this news?

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