UPDATE: Big H/T to Jdevy who created the cabinet mock-ups for this post – he did those, I did the post. Happy April Fools!

That’s right, everyone’s favorite rocket-powered racing game is making the jump from consoles to the arcade, as many other games before it has. Now you can properly control the vehicles with a steering wheel instead of a dinky little analog joystick, harnessing all of that arcade power into an earnings bonanza. This is further bolstered by the fact that Rocket League has seen over 10 MILLION (yes, with an M!) sales on the various home consoles, meaning that even players living under a rock should have heard of this game by now, which guarantees that they’ll fastly and furiously swipe their cards on any RL machine that they come across.

If the cabinet designs below look familiar, it’s because Psyonix has been working with* Raw Thrillz to make this happen. To help it stand apart from the console edition, it has a few interesting features that you can’t really see in the pic. First, it brings back an old idea from pinball machines that not even modern pins do anymore, collecting letters (i.e. backlit letters that can be collected in the game and they light up each individual letter on the marquee). Collect R-O-C-K-E-T L-E-A-G-U-E to unlock a new, exclusive vehicle!

Next, Raw has also developed a top secret “Bonafide Butt Rocket” (BBR) device that makes you feel like you’re really sitting on a REAL rocket! Careful not to shake your location, or your glutes, apart! Yeeeehaw! A part of that includes an “Exhaust Port” that will blow a combination of superheated air & steam at the rider to give them the sensation of being in the vicinity of a real rocket launch. Now you can’t get that at home, can you?

Get the mini-deluxe model for the second crowd pleaser screen:
Another way the game stands out like a Saturn V on the launchpad is in offering a card dispenser. Collect all 500 cards starring the sexist rocket cars mankind has ever invented, scanning the card for new paint jobs, rims, engine upgrades and more! You can also redeem all 500 of them at a participating redemption center for your very own Rocket League branded soccer ball, made out of REAL TITANIUM ALLOYS!!

This joins the likes of games like Among Us Arcade and Smash Brothers Arcade as very, obviously real games that can be put into very real locations. The MSRP is the only sticking point to a small op like me, coming in at $32,000 per cabinet (plus shipping/taxes/distributor fees). I’m hearing that Dave & Busters is set to get a  set of 4 for all their locations after this rocked testing, though it can link up to 8. Would you get one or four for your location?


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