While checking in with Sega Amusements about the release of Storm Rider 2, I found out about something else worth noting – that’s not the only game that has begun to ship. Drone Racing Genesis, which they revealed back in October of last year, is joining SR2 in a release.

In case you missed the news on this one previously, it’s an exclusive arcade racer that focuses on aerial drone racing as opposed to your typical cars and boats. In a way, it’s the realization of Atari’s never released Air Race game. Fly one of five drones across four courses using a single joystick to control it.

I did play this a few times at IAAPA 2022 and really liked the LED effects on the cabinet, the graphics were brilliantly colorful and the sound was great. My only gripe was the controls felt like they needed adjusting but perhaps it’s been further fine-tuned since. I’ll have to give it a spin at Amusement Expo to see:

Either way, you should start finding this one out there any time – some locations might already have it (including Storm Rider 2). If you’ve played it already, what were your thoughts about this one?

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